Top Grain Cowhide Scraps by the Pound - Dark Red

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Dark red leather scraps sold by the pound.

Chrome Tanned top grain cowhide (2-3 oz thickness) upholstery leather is supple and soft. Each pound of leather is approximately 5 square feet, with most pieces measuring about 12 inches by 5 inches.

These pieces are ideal for crafting, including jewelry making, button making, bookmarks, garment trim, elbow patches, slipper soles etc.

First photograph with flash, second photograph without flash. Please note that colors may look slightly different in person due to a difference in visual displays between computers.

Please note that the pictures are examples only, and natural leather varies from piece to piece, so please allow for imperfections and differences from the examples shown, including blemishes like brands, scars, and holes (an indication of genuine leather), as well as markings on the back of the leather.