Seconds Hard Enamel Pins - "Sorry I'm All Booked"

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***This listing is for B grade SECONDS from my hard enamel pin batch of "Sorry, I'm all booked". This means that these pins are less than perfect, usually with a minor defect like a dot or hair-like line in the enamel. These defects are small, but can be seen when looking closely, and are therefore offered at a discounted rate from the A grade pins also available in my shop. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ALL SECONDS PIN PURCHASES ARE FINAL. Seconds pins ship without a backing card*** 1.5 inch wide hard enamel pin ready to ship for the book lover in your life! This pin is made with two posts for support, which keeps the pin secure and keeps it from spinning. Pin it to your shirt, purse, backpack, or anywhere else you want to display your desire to read instead of socialize! This design is also available as a mug from my shop.