Frodo, Sam, and Bag End Edition of Lord of the Rings - Leatherbound Collector's Edition Featuring Original Cover Art by the Bookbinder

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Can you really have too many editions of The Lord of the Rings? This volume makes a great addition to any Tolkien collection, and features original cover art by Praise Moyer (the bookbinder) of Frodo leaving Bag End (front cover) and Sam returning home to Rosie and Elanor in Bag End (back cover). The text block is ISBN#0618640150, bound in reddish brown leather and yellow gold metallic cover decorations, featuring raised bands on the spine, red marbled endpapers, and a brown satin ribbon bookmark.

Makes a great gift for Christmas, a birthday, a graduation, a wedding, or even a proposal!

This is a handmade item and made to order, so please allow a month for manufacture before shipping.

Please note that this is a handmade item and natural leather and marbled endpapers vary from piece to piece, so please allow for minor imperfections and differences from the example shown.

If you are interested in a custom order, feel free to message me!