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Photos on this listing show some examples of custom book binding projects I have undertaken. Really the limit to a project like this is your imagination! If you have a book you love and you want to rebind it, I can put a new cover on it and breathe new life into it! If you have a favorite title that doesn't have a collector's edition worthy of its greatness, let me know, and we can create one for it!

Listed below are some ideas of what is available to create custom orders, but I am able to order materials beyond what is listed as well. Send me a message, and we can get the process started!


The base price for a project where the customer provides the book is $100 (including shipping in the US). Any other orders will have the cost of the book added to the total. The base price includes a cover bound in goat leather with a smooth rounded spine, marbled endpapers, and a simple cover design (just text/simple border).

Adding raised bands to the spine adds a nice look to the binding, which I recommend. I can add up to six raised bands for +$5 per book.

I currently have black, dark brown, grey, navy blue, reddish brown, and olive green goat leather available, and these are included in the base price:
If you want another color, I can check availability and pricing for you. Some (like forest green and teal) are only available in cow leather, which is a little pricier (+$15 per book) and thicker.

I have marbled papers in stock for the endpapers that are included in the base price. Below are a few examples, but I have many more, including non-marbled/solid colors, or other patterned papers. Please let me know what color scheme you have in mind, and I am happy to send you further options!

I have a wide selection of bookmark ribbon colors available (See pictures). ¼ inch wide satin ribbons are +$2 per book and are available in the widest color range. ⅜ inch wide ribbons are +$3 per book, including solid emerald green, silver grey, and black, as well as the pictured metallic trimmed ribbons, in addition to a 5/8 inch gauzy blue (See pictures)

If you want metal corners on your covers I have silver or gold, which is +$3 per book.

Cover decorations are very customizable and can vary significantly. Colors for decoration are light gold (my favorite), yellow gold, silver, or copper:
Other metallic color options are rose gold, green, orange, light pink, dark pink, red, blue, and black.

A simple design with the title, author's name, and a simple border on the front cover, with title/author's name on the spine are included in the base price. Here are the basic typeface options for these elements, but I am happy to use another style as well:
As always, if you have something else in mind, let me know! I always send a proof image for design approval before beginning assembly.

Additional design elements like back cover design, complex borders, etc. are available, and prices will vary depending on the requested design. Just let me know what you would like, and I am happy to work with you to make it happen!