The Book of Malazan 10 Book Set Custom Order for Rebinding in Leather- Reserved for Rick

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Custom rebinding of the 10 Book Series, The Book of Malazan, to be mailed by the client for rebinding with the following details: 

Cover Color: reddish brown goat leather
Font/Decoration Color: light gold
Spine: Raised bands with title, author's name, and decorations (as pictured)
Front Cover Design: Title, Author's Name, Series Title, Border, and Decorations (As pictured for each book)
Back Cover: blank
Bookmarks: 1/4 inch yellow ribbon   

Each book will have the dust jacket or original paperback cover scanned in and printed as a frontispiece facing the title page of each volume.

End Papers: Maps printed on parchment paper as listed below:
Back Endpapers for all 10 books - The World Map of Malazan (As pictured).
Front Endpapers will vary per title as follows:
1) The Gardens of the Moon - Genabackis (As pictured)
2) Deadhouse Gates - Seven Cities (As pictured)
3) Memories of Ice - Capustan (As pictured)
4) House of Chains - Pan'Arak Oasis (As pictured)
5) Midnight Tides - Central Letheras (As pictured)
6) The Bonehunters - Central Malazan (As pictured)
7) Reaper's Gale - The Empire of Lether (As pictured)
8) Toll the Hounds - Black Coral & Environs (As pictured)
9) Dust of Dreams - The Empire of Lether (As pictured)
10) The Crippled God - Kolanse and Assail & Environs (As pictured)

$130 per volume x 10 volumes = $1,300 -$40 design deposit = $1,260 

This listing is for handmade items and made to order, so please allow 5-6 weeks for manufacture before shipping.

Please note that this is a handmade item and natural leather and handmade endpapers vary from piece to piece, so please allow for minor imperfections and differences from the example shown.